• Solar Module/PV Module

  • Brand: DuraPower
  • Series: Solar Panels
  • Update: 2017/8/21
Detailed description:



PV Modules Solar Panel 
1. High Efficency Solar Panel 
2. 25Years Warranty 
4. Fast Delivery Time
                                                                DP-290WM-36V        DP-280WM-36V       DP-280WM-36V        DP-270WM-36V      DP-260WM-36
Maximum power at STC(Pm)                      300W                       290W                       280W                           270W                         260W                     
Open circuit voltage(Voc)                            42.48V                     42.48V                     42.48V                          42.48V                        42.48V                 
Optimum operating voltage(Vmp)               35.2V                      35.2V                       35.2V                           35.2V                          35.5V                   
Short circuit current(Isc)                            9.42A                         9.10A                         7.89A                           8.47A                           8.16A                   
Optimum operating current(Imp)              8.52A                       8.23A                        7.95A                           7.67A                            7.38A                   
STC:Irradiance 1000W/m2 ,Module temperature 25°C,AM=1.5                    

1)High efficiency solar cells
2)Tempered glass laminated with aluminum frame
3)Sealed junction box ,seldom need field maintenance
4)Resist high wind and hail impact
5)Warranty: five years product warranty and 25 years 80%of power
6)Wide viewing angle and plane solid light origin
8)Low power consumption and long lifespan: no heat is generated with cold light
9) High visibility: even under smoky and foggy situation, no ultraviolet radiation is generated
10)Tender light: gentle light wont do harm to eyes
11)Ultra-thin and lightweight: thickness is less than 1mm
12)Wide working temperature: -40 to +85 degrees Celsius

Solar cells applications:

1. Any large or small on-grid or off-grid solar power stations. 
2. Commercial and industrial building roof-top systems 
3. Residential roof-top systems 
4. Any commercial or industrial ground mount systems 
5. Other industrial or commercial applications
Solar panel quality and warranty 
1. Peak power of single module in guaranteed in +-3%power tolerance. 
2. Average power of modules in single order is guaranteed not less than the peak power 
3. Rigorous quality control meets the highest international standard 
5.5 years limited warranty on material and workmanship 
6. 25 years limited warranty for minimum power output.
Materials of solar panel

1. Solar cell------ high photoelectricity conversion efficiency
2. Front glass------ high transmission, low iron, tempered glass.3.2mm
3. EVA------excellent anti-aging EVA
4. TPT-------TPT hot seal made of flame resistance, imported from Krempel, Germany
5. Frames------ Unique aluminum frame design with high mechanical strength for easy Installation .35mm
6. Junction box------ high quality, with diode protection.

We can manufacture solar panel (mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline) from 5w to 300w. 

Our products are produced under the international quality control with high quality.


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